Activist Stories is an interview series podcast which delves into the lives and origin stories of current and former activists, in an effort to find out more about what makes activists tick, and to inform and inspire current and future activists.
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Current guest wish list:

Anthony Gregory
Kerri Lake
Stormy May (guest on Episode 1!)
Johnny Argent
Troy Dayton
Jason Talley
Edie Lerman (guest on Episode 2!)
Steve Kubby
Betsy Summers
Amanda Hitt
Tom Knapp
Nichole Rhodes
Rebecca Corry
Sharon Harris
Christine Tobin
Angela Keaton
Justin Raimondo
Gillian from Shift Frequency
Marc Emery
Austin Peterson
Judge Jim Gray
Nancy Steele
George Donnelly
Abby Martin
Nicholas Sarwark
Aaron Houston / Stacia Cosner (SSDP)
Linda Carel (LA 4 Animals)
Steven Wise
Dr. Gieri Bolliger
Adam Kokesh
Julie Borowski
Cathy Reisenwitz
Justin Raimondo
Chris Spangle
Megan Rice
Arnold Abbot
Chris Fischer
Rob Greenfield
Theaster Gates (artist)
Charles Goodson
UC Davis pepper spray incident victims
Nick Rubin
Phillip Agnew
Peter Diamandis
Bill McKibben
Colin Beavan
Malala Yousafzai
Paul Rieckhoff
Judge Andrew Napolitano
Michael Franti
Camille Paglia
Jane Goodall
Ralph Nader
Jimmy Carter
Bill Clinton
Cornel West
Bill Gates
Elon Musk
Snoop Dogg
John Cusack
Doug Benson
Doug Stanhope
Tony Hawk
Ronan Farrow
Pussy Riot
Kelly Slater
Gloria Steinem
Eve Ensler
Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Amanda Hearst
Lawrence Reed (FEE)
Rep. John Lewis
Elizabeth Eckford
The Greensboro 4 / Friendship 9
Ruby Bridges
Jill Stein
Occupy activists
60’s activists
Natalie Prosin
John Hargrove
Gene Baur
Gary Johnson
Sharon Letts
Gary L. Francione
Katherine Switzer
Prince Ea
Carlos Miller
Robin Mallery (booked, episode coming soon!)

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From the "Free Lolita the Orca!" page...

"Danielle Daals, a brave and peaceful activist from New Zealand, is spending thirty days in a bathtub outside the park where Lolita is being held."
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Embarrassment - a highly underrated and under-used activist tool. ... See MoreSee Less

A man named Wanksy is painting penises on potholes so the council has to take action

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Activist Stories shared Fast Company's video. ... See MoreSee Less

Dr. Jane Goodall on how she stays inspired.

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OPEN QUESTION: How do you pick what to take action on? You can't do everything, so how do you decide? I'd love to hear if anyone has a methodology worked out. Please comment with your thoughts. Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

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Added to the Activist Stories guest wish list: Melissa Etheridge.
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